Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghost Stories For Young People (1962)

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How do you do, boys and girls. I’m delighted to find that you believe in ghosts, too. After all they believe in you, so it is only common courtesy to return the favor. As a matter of fact, I tell them “human” stories and they enjoy them immensely. Now, the best way to listen to ghost stories is with the lights out. There is nothing like a dark room to attract ghosts. Then, close the doors and draw the blinds. Don’t worry about the ghosts getting in as they can slither through keyholes and under doors. Helpful things to know about ghosts: If ever you are staring into the darkness and you see something staring back, simply shout Boo! and it will go away; don’t ever brag about what you’d do if you saw a ghost, it’s a sure way to get them angry; don’t slam doors as you might pinch a ghost; don’t leave sharp objects like knives lying around as a ghost might sit on them; just keep telling yourself that you aren’t frightened … that you are brave … and that there is nothing that can scare you!