Famous Monsters Speak (1962)

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As you have already read in the newspapers, a most amazing discovery has been made in this most peaceful of countries. It seems that Dr. Victor Frankenstein, once thought to be a character in a story, did actually exist and created what we have come to call “his monster.” The purpose of this meeting today is to hear for the first time the actual voice of the monster. Strange as it may seem, Dr. Frankenstein made crude recordings of the monster’s voice.

“Ahh! It’s you ! You have come to see if there is such a thing as Dracula! Many men have come before you – none have ever returned. Come closer, closer , closer. Look into the coffin – such things cannot exist? But I am here and you have eyes to see me. No! I will not harm you. Why? I have a purpose. You will tell the people who walk above the ground that Count Dracula lives!”