Tales Of The Frightened Volume 2 (1963)

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Are you one of the frightened?

Then pull up  a chair and prepare yourself.  Make sure the doors are bolted, the windows locked, and the fireplace roaring with blazing logs.  There must be no dark corners, no murky shadows, no questionable areas where no light falls.  You are about to go on a thrilling journey into the undiscovered country of the outre.  A land where man cannot escape his fate, where a cat can terrify a human being, where a woman is capable of lifting her head off her shoulders to redo her hair, where a curious man with a strange umbrella follows you down the street…and the great unknown of uncertainty is poised at every turn of the road.

Listen!  “Are you one of the frightened? Have you ever imagined somebody was following you? Caught a glimpse of a strange face in the crowd behind you?  Then that face seems mysteriously with you wherever you go?  Sylvester Dodge had just such an experience.  Walk with me a bit and I’ll tell you about Sylvester and his man in the raincoat…”

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