Casper Haunted House Tales (1975)

Date: September 23, 2012  Posted in: Stories  Comments: 0


This Troll Record starts out with the Casper theme song, followed by the main story of the record, The Scariest Halloween Ever narrated by a talking haunted house. Yeah, I said that. Casper lives inside this haunted house and he never boos because he’s friendly, to the house’s embarrassment.

Casper invites the Ghostly Trio – Fatso, Fusso, and Layzo – to his friend Wendy’s Halloween party. Casper makes the trio promise to not scare anyone but the trio has other ideas. The trio invites every monster they know to help them scare the kiddies. But they don’t realize that they are in for a surprise of their own.

There are three shorter stories included on this record. All are appropriate for young children. It’s perfect for the little ones to enjoy this Halloween.